Hello, and welcome! I'm so glad you've come. I'm Valerie, Founder and Co-Creator of Hummingbird Holistic Health. I work with people like you, who are searching for a more integrated and natural approach to their overall health and wellness practices.*


Valerie St. Pierre Smith, Founder & Co-Creator of Hummingbird Holistic Health

Health is balance. Balance is a well being.

Health is us being in balance, or we wouldn't call the alternative "dis-ease." And wellbeing isn't an altered state: it is our naturally balanced state. How do we get there? Through our innate ability to heal. We are remarkably engineered to heal naturally, to return to or find our balance: mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we need a little extra support as we do. That's where the plants and I come in.


Whether your working on gaining new balance of wellbeing, maintaining your healthy balance, or on a current healing journey, the plants and I are here to support you. Working with you to uncover and shift any underlying patterns of imbalance that may be affecting your natural, balanced, well being.*

Let's work together 1:1


Just for fun! I was interviewed as a featured member on Movement and exercise practices are integral to a balanced self; connect with for easily accessible mat-based pilates work. It's fun, engaging, portable and only takes about 30 mins!


Passionate about the empowerment of education, I've begun offering classes and workshops in several formats:

#HerbalHints Inbox subscriptions, delivering herbal love and tips on the regular.


Classes and workshops, live or at your own pace!


Let's take a deep dive together. I am accepting a small number of new clients to take their wellness to the next level.


Join our small group healing circles starting soon!

Set up an Initial Consultation, or a free 15 minute Zoom so we can connect and explore your health and wellness goals.

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Holistic living is connected living and I love connecting folks!


Check out my list of folks and resources that I've connected with and found to be wonderful allies for supporting your whole health and wellness.



Let's connect!

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*As an herbalist, and not a licensed medical professional, the services and information I offer are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Rather, working with your energies and the plants, I help identify and shift underlying patterns of imbalance that may be affecting your overall health and wellbeing.