Decolonize your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is more than the food on our tables; it is an opportunity to learn our true history.

#Thanksgiving in the US has always been a time of conflicting emotions for me; I love and appreciate the gratitude, celebration and closeness to family that it has always presented in my house. Yet, as a mixed blood Anishnaabekwe, I have also keenly felt the disconnection and betrayal that the "First Thanksgiving" myth perpetuates.

So slowly, over the years, I have begun to claim and celebrate the good while honoring and lifting up the trauma and pain. A day of gratitude, remembrance, and also an opportunity to disrupt the Thanksgiving narrative - that one-sided history that I grew up with and that others have defined me by.

I invite you this week to begin a new tradition: verbally acknowledging and thanking the original people of the land where you are gathering and live. Not sure? You can start by checking

We are blessed here by the stewardship, wisdom, strength and grace of the UmoNhoN, Yankton, Pawnee, Oto, Sioux and Ponca people who have been care givers of these treaty lands for eternal generations before we came. I am grateful for their community presence and guidance as we collectively move forward toward a more just and equitable future. We continue to lift up the voices of our missing and murdered Indigenous women of all First Nations.

Decolonize your social

A few folks to follow the following:

IG: _illuminatives

IG: indiancountrytoday

IG: eighth_generation

IG: nativeapprops

IG: nativegov

I am also very grateful for you. May your week be what you need; bringing you equal amounts of joy, connection, rest, reflection. Health is, after all, balance. And balance is a well being.

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