Herbs for Aquarius Season!

Happy birthday all you Water Bearers out there! Not only have we recently had our major shifts into the Aquarian age, but it's also our Sun's annual trip through the sign of the water bearer. The energy of this season/month tend to be very heady, intellectual, sometimes mistaken as flighty or even aloof. Being an air sign in the middle of winter, it can also be a time that stirs deep anxieties and heightens dryness.

In honor of these energies, here are a small group of herbs that can help reconnect with your center, open and protect your heart, and get a little grounding help to tether all of this strong air energy. Grab your tea cup as I introduce you to: Linden, Motherwort, Reishi, Skullcap and Water Violet.*

Linden is surrounded in a lot of lore and has often excited poets of many eras, but ultimately the medicinal gifts of this beautiful tree help open and protect our hearts. Using the leaves, flowers, and sometimes bark, Linden makes a lovely herbal infusion (tea) or tincture and has been traditionally used for*:

  • promoting relaxation, and calming mind

  • reducing inflammation

  • soothing tummies through mucilaginous properties (good mucous)

  • soothing irritability and restlessness

  • alleviating anxiety

  • alleviating headaches of many sorts

  • calming hypertension

  • cooling and fever reducing

  • promoting inner harmony when feeling disparate or separated

Motherwort is one of my favorites. Another beautiful plant who gifts us medicine through use of their "aerial" or above ground parts. Motherwort is another connector, this time with the heart and smooth tissues; offering a sense of familial love, holding and care. Particularly for folks who disconnect or find it difficult to feel warmth and care in their living situations. Traditional uses for Motherwort include*:

  • promoting uterine health and stimulant

  • alleviating anemia

  • alleviating menopausal hot flashes, night sweats and anxiety

  • supporting and toning smooth tissues

  • supporting and encouraging motherhood related activities and emotions (yes- that's why the name!)

  • reducing anxiety and nervous tension

  • calming heart palpitations, particularly related to hyperthyroidism or anxiety

Reishi is a fun-gi! Come on, you know I had to do it!! At any rate, Reishi is a lovely mushroom with abundant healing gifts. I particularly appreciate Reishi's ability to help nourish and ground our energy, while not squashing it or becoming sluggish. Reishi is known to help provide*:

  • liver and kidney health support (which supports all your systems)

  • immune support and bolstering

  • stress reduction and rebalancing - helping it move out of the body rather than remain

  • grounding energy while remaining connected to our bodies and external energies

  • blood pressure reduction and modulation

  • strength and stamina building

  • fatigue reduction

  • alleviation for respiratory conditions

  • support for liver, kidney and cardiovascular disease

Skullcap There are two varieties of Skullcap: Chinese, or Baikal (scutellaria baicalensis), and American (scutellaria lateriflora). In the US, "Skullcap" is usually referring to American Skullcap. Both are of the same greater plant family, though they each have their own distinct gifts. Today, I am talking about American Skullcap, who has traditionally been recommended for*:

  • alleviating nervous tension and anxiety

  • reducing headaches, particularly stress or anxiety induced

  • relaxation through release of tension, particularly muscular

  • alleviating insomnia

  • recovering from a stroke, and paralysis caused by stroke

  • reducing fever

  • reducing high cholesterol

  • reducing or recovering from "hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis)

  • reducing inflammation, particularly of circulatory and muscular systems

Water Violet essence is such a beautiful and subtle influence. Essences in general are wonderful vibrational medicines, working deeply within our psyches and underlying energetic being. Part of Dr. Edward Bach's flower essence remedies, Water Violet is good for moments of self-imposed separation, disconnection and/or aloofness. Water Violet helps:

  • reconnect with your sense of self

  • encourage and develop warmth in relationships and connection

  • maintaining dignity and wisdom while developing and deepening relationships with other

White Chestnut (essence) insisted on being introduced this month, too, and is a go-to in our house. Helping to disrupt intrusive and circular thinking patterns, White Chestnut does wonders to break the cycle. Another one of Dr. Bach's remedies, White Chestnut also assists*:

  • calming repetitive thought patterns

  • tempering intrusive thoughts

  • quieting unwanted thought patterns

  • creating internal quiet, despite external chatter

There you go- some herbal allies to help you through this Aquarius season. As always, this is an introduction and not the exhaustive 411 on our herb friends. *Connect with an herbalist and certainly do more research if you are interested in working with these herbs. Resources to deepen your knowledge abound, and I've shared some of my go-tos on Hummingbird's Resource page. And remember: just because something is natural, doesn't guarantee it being a perfect fit for your needs.

Interested in adding to your self-care toolkit? Stars calling? I have found over the years just what a great tool astrology can be for developing self-awareness and energetic understanding. And is truly WAY more nuanced than the daily horoscopes in the newspaper. :) If you're astro-curious, check out my friend Kristina Wingier. Astro muse and wise woman, she has a variety of offerings, is extremely knowledgeable - and sassy to boot. :)

That's it for this post. From my hear to yours!

- Valerie

*All information offered here is intended for education purposes only. As an herbalist, and not a licensed medical professional, I do not intend to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Rather, working with the plants, I identify and shift underlying patterns of imbalance that may be affecting your overall health and wellbeing.