Move your body!

Movin' and groovin' is the best circulatory stimulant out there.

While winter is a time to rest and pause, that doesn't mean atrophy. During these dark months, not only is our physical energy low but our mental and emotional energy can also swing widely. Our beings need movement.

Stimulating movement helps release the feel-good hormones in our bodies, as well as getting our juices flowing. <<<Which can be even more important this season to help lymphatic system bear the brunt of clearing out the muck of colds, flus and other seasonal ailments. Circulation of your blood and lymph help not just move things around, but actually get the gross out of your body. And your muscles and joints need to move to stay lubricated!

Looking for a great movement practice? Head over to my friend Tandy at Unicorn Wellness Studio. 30 mins, just press play and new workouts every 3 days! Plus she offers a truly free 14 day trial.

So get up and dance or boogie in your seat if time and space are an obstacle. Walk briskly with a fave playlist. "Music soothes the savage beast" for a reason. It literally gets us moving physically and energetically. Sound vibrations affect our entire being. Heart rate, mental clarity, get the picture.

Efficient and effective movement practices

I'm also big fan of mat based movement practices like pilates as well, because they are a great combination of grounding, strengthening and stretching. They help stimulate your energy and circulation without major stress or strain. So grab your phone, set your timer, and enlist whatever mode of remembrance will help you get up and moving. I'm sure there is a Playlist somewhere just begging for you to join in and groove.

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