Sending 2020 on with a good note!

Before 2020 officially closes and we all jump into intention setting, resolution making or the final indulgences of the year, I wanted to encourage you to take a moment for your own sending ritual.

  1. Gather some paper (torn or cut into Post-It size squares), your favorite pen, candle and maybe even make your favorite cuppa' tea. Hawthorn, yarrow, elderflower and rosemary are all helpful in heart opening and remembrances.

  2. Reflect on and record what all transpired for you in 2020. Change, growth, awareness, chaos, fear, realizations, shifting hopes, new dreams, old habits- however it manifested for you, jot it down. Perhaps sit with this and then come back again.

  3. Then write down a simple blessing of gratitude for whatever transpired. Might be hard; doesn't have to be eloquent.

  4. Then send it on its way - light it from the fire of your candle and drop it in a small fire proof container (I actually use an old tin can).

  5. As the smoke rises, speak out loud to release the feelings: fear, anxiety, resentment, distrust, betrayal. Speak them intentionally, out loud, and into the smoke.

  6. Then say thank you, again out loud, and ask for the blessings of Divine and the New Year to fill in those now open spaces.

  7. And then let out a joyful shout or the longest lion's breath you can muster- once, twice, three times.

Now you can step into your new year intentions, resolutions or merry-making with a slightly lighter heart. And if you are the type to craft intentions for the new year just remember: "Start as you mean to go."* By and by, 2020 will be a memory.

*from Tracy Hogg's The Baby Whisperer

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