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Updated: Jan 14

Taking moments when you have them, slipping some time around your morning commute or evening chores, or creating space in your daily routines offers moments to reconnect with your spirit, to ground and re-center in Spirit. Need some more ideas? Here's what's worked for me:

Lighting a candle during my morning prayers. A deep three-breath prayer offering of thanks before eating. Listening to music that stirs me while in my car; the social media feeds I follow that give me pause and encourage me to connection; the smell of a beautiful herbal bath; a long phone call with a cherished friend; the small rituals surrounding making favorite meals, brewing my tea, or baking (yup, I sing and meditate while doing these); taking a moment to pull and read a prayer, affirmation, or oracle card; spending some time looking at deeply touching images, artwork, craftwork; sitting with a tree, plant or view; watching the clouds; looking up and chatting with the birds.

Why are we talking about Spirit? Read on, and then let me know what works for you!

Many wisdom traditions throughout the world (and now western science is coming around), keenly understand that our physical, mental and emotional health are also directly impacted by our spiritual wellness. In fact, many physical imbalances begin or are rooted in a spiritual dis-ease or disconnection.

I find in our dominant culture, though, that spiritual wellbeing often gets taken for granted, overshadowed, or side-stepped for fear of offending. Or worse yet, relegated to a silo like religion - compartmentalized and segregated from the rest of our healing and wellbeing.

A holistic view is one that sees us, not as a sum of interlocking parts, but a whole being compromised of overlapping, intersecting and interconnecting components. A single circle Venn Diagram of being, where all of the circles overlap; essentially a giant squishy ball of being, with all of our components coexisting together. Ooze and all. Yet even in the world of holistic healing and wellness, our perceptions and focuses can still become compartmentalized. We get reduced back down into a linear equation.

This is where the role of prayer, meditation and ritual come in. Not only do all three of these have direct effects on the physical mind, body and emotion, but they also support the healing work of our spirits, and can be strengthened with the support of our plant allies.

What's the difference between the three?

  • Prayer = talking, sharing, requesting, offering ourselves to Universe, Divine, Creator, Spirit

  • Mediation = quietly sitting with, listening for or hearing the deep messaging that comes to us

  • Ritual = the repetitive process or sequence of prescribed activities that reconnects us with ours and Universal Spirit

Our healing, health and wellness is found in our balance; not just like in "work/life," but as in our whole being. As two of my dearest herbal teachers, Sarah Holmes and Karyn Sanders at Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine, put it when referring to finding our balance:

"Balance is found in thirds. One-third Pray, One-third Play, One-third Work."

I love this reframe. Each of these areas serves our whole, holistic, squishy-ball selves. "Pray, Play, Work" doesn't focus on just one component, or binary opposites, the way "Work/Life" or "Mind - Body - Spirit" does. It helps to re-center our balance equation to our whole being.

Weaving in practices that help replenish your spirit need cost nothing, aside attention and some time. Nor does it need to look like the glossy pictures that typify so much marketing in the wellness industry. What refreshes your spirit? What brings your spirit joy? Most importantly, how are you reconnecting with your spirit; grounding inside yourself?

I look forward to hearing how you're able to reconnect with Spirit this week.

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